Lone Star Bar, restaurant and guest House Phnom Bar

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The Lone Star location

The Lone Star Saloon and guest house is easy to find and on a quiet side street close to the Riverside and famous Street 51, which is a late night hangout for all expats.

The Lone Star Saloon is right inside House #30 on Street 23, which is in between St. 172 and St. 154.

For best transportation it would be recommended to contact us prior to arrival as many local drivers are or pretend to be not familiar with street names and addresses.

We can easily arrange for your pick up by reliable tuk tuks or taxis!


Welcome to Phnom Penh

Meet the friendly Lone Star team, which is like a big family.

Lone Star guest house

photo Lone Star guest house

Enjoy your private balcony on first floor of the Lone Star guest house.